About 9 million inhabitants, huge distances to travel and only few paved roads. Woods as far as the eye can see. A country like made for Enduro. It's only here that a brand like Husaberg could originate.

1988 Foundation

Two engineers, a woodshed at lake Vättern and the overwhelming desire to build the ultimate offroad bike. That's all it took to make Enduro history.

1989 European champion

Husaberg's first European Champion rolled from an improvised production facility. The FE 501 declasses the competition and establishes Husaberg's unique status in the Enduro segment.

1991 Double world champion

Double World Champion. Husaberg takes the rider as well as the contructor's titles in two classes. Kent Karlsson aboard the Husaberg FE 350 and Jaroslav Katrinak aboard the Husaberg FE 501 show what it's like, to ride some of the best Enduro bikes around. That year, Husaberg also moves into a fully fledged production facility at "Endurovägen".

1995 Strong partner

Husaberg finds a partner that is equally as passionate about uncompromising bikes as the enduro fanatics from Sweden. KTM Sportmotorcycle AG acquires Husaberg, pressing on with modernisation and further innovation.

2003 Mattighofen

Developed in Sweden, built in Austria. Husaberg makes use of the factory in Mattighofen to gain access to ISO-certified quality control and state-of-the-art production technology.

2008 Four Stroke Power

A revolution. In August Husaberg reveales its newest generation of Enduro bikes. The 4-strokes with the cylinder angled at 70° redefine the meaning of "playful handling".

2009 World champion

Oriol Mena clinchest he Junior Enduro World Championship title aboard the FE 450. World Championship tile number 19 in Husaberg's history.

2010 Two Strokes

The Husaberg family grows. For the first time Husaberg adds 2-stroke models to its range. The success continues.

2012 Family complete.

The family is finally complete. With the new generation of bikes, redesigned from scratch, Husaberg offers at least one 2-stroke and 4-stroke model per Enduro competition class. And the story continues.

2013 Reunion

After 25 years of independence, 2013 marks the date in which Husaberg returns to Husqvarna and forms the "new" Husqvarna – excellent bikes with a unique story.

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